03 - 80/20 Rule: Maximum Results Minimum Effort.


80/20 Rule: Maximum Results Minimum Effort.

You may have heard of the pareto principle (the 80/20 rule) that suggests that you get 80% of the results from only 20% of your efforts. 

Here's an example, if someone gave you a list of "100 tips to reduce your back pain", the 80/20 rule suggests you'd get 80% of the benefits from the 20 best tips, and only a further 20% improvement from the next 80 tips. 

Ok, so what's the point? 

Well, the point is this, in the above example you'd want to make sure you do at least some of the 20 best tips (most effective) and don't waste too much time on the other 80 (less effective tips)

Now, I know its not always 80/20, but its the idea that's important.

We are NOT going to give you a list of 100 tips for something, for 1. it's too many and is
overwhelming and 2. we don't want to waste time and effort on ineffective things when there are better, more effective things you could be doing.

So, we are going to give you the 3 or 5 most powerful, most efficient things that will give you the majority of the possible benefits.

Maximum results with minimum effort (maximum efficiency). That's our motto. 

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