02- How to follow, interact with and share infomation with this blog.

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How to follow, interact with and share infomation with this blog. 

We hope you find this Blog helpful and interesting over time.
You have a few options to keep up to date with any new blog postings, 
interact with us and share blog posts with family or friends.

To follow this blog.
1. You can enter your email in the little box on the main blog page (under "Get Updates via Email") and you'll get free emails updates to tell you there is a new blog post, with a clickable link to take you there - and, of course, we'll never give out your email address.
2. Or you can like our Whitehorse Family Chiropractic Facebook page, here wfc facebook, and get notified through facebook.
3. Or you can follow us through Twitter, here wfc twitter, and get notified that way.
4. Or you can just check back here on our website from time to time.

To interact with us:
Please feel welcome to ask questions or share your thoughts in the comments section.
Just click in the comment box and sign in with either Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Disqus or just your email (your email is not displayed) and comment away.

To share info with others:
Please feel welcome to share links of our website or blogs with other people you think may benefit from reading it.
You can share via email by clicking on the link, Share this blog post via email, which will be at the bottom of each blog post. It should open up your email program with the link to the blog all ready to send.
To share a blog with either twitter or facebook, just click the little arrow next to the stars box in the lower right and then click on the little icons to share eg.

Please note: "subscribe via email" in this section is only
used if you want to follow future comments for this blog
post only.      

Just ask if you have any questions or requests.