13 - Improving health with Wellness care

wellness care

Improving health with Wellness care

Medical researchers suggest that significant improvements in both quality of life and lifespan can be achieved by adopting healthier lifestyle habits.

Based on their findings, here’s our top 5 recommendations:

  • Exercise

A balance of strength training (twice per week) and aerobic exercise (3-4 times per week).

  • Healthy diet.

A balanced diet, with appropriate serving sizes, limiting sugar and bad fats.

  • Reduce mental & emotional stress

Easier said than done, ideally eliminate the source of stress, or at least reduce the effects of stress.

  • Adequate sleep

7-9 hours per night is recommneded.

  • No smoking

I think these are the areas where the largest improvements to health and wellbeing can be made. We will expand on these recommendations in upcoming blogs

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