11 - The Top 10 Threats to Your Health and Life

Top 10 health threats

The Top 10 Threats to Your Health and Life

Every 2 years, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare produces a report called Australia’s Health, it’s a pretty comprehensive snapshot of the health and wellbeing of our nation. It lists, among other things, the most common causes of illness and death for Australians, in order!  

If we want to increase our health and wellbeing, we should start with the biggest threats, and try to reduce those, first.

What are the biggest threats? There is a concept in health assessments called the “burden of disease” it takes into account both the loss of quality of life and shortened lifespan caused by each disease. So the following are the biggest threats to both your quality of life and lifespan itself:

Here is the top 10 burden of disease (Australia’s health 2010)- in order:

1. Coronary heart disease (by far the largest single cause)

2. Anxiety and depression (1 in 5 adults expected to have an episode of one of these this year)

3. Type 2 diabetes (fastest growing chronic health problem in Australia)

4. Dementia

5. Stroke

6. Lung cancer (90% smoking related)

*Prostate  / breast cancer (we have added this here)

7. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) ( Lung disease - primarily smoking related)

8. Adult-onset hearing loss

9. Bowel cancer

10. Asthma

The top five specific causes in 2003 (reported in Australia’s health 2008) are still the top five in 2010…

Type 2 diabetes is projected to become the leading cause of disease burden by 2023…

Lifestyle risk factors contribute to over 30% of Australia’s total burden of death, disease and disability…

Now we know the biggest threats to our health and wellbeing, we can look at what are the best ways to reduce our risk of developing these problems…

So what’s the big deal?, if I have one of these problems, can’t I just go to my medical doctor and they give me some medicine and that will fix it right?

Unfortunately, it’s not usually quite so simple, or effective…

… to find out why, read our next Blog post on the “3 levels of health care"

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