09 - What does a Chiropractor do?


What does a Chiropractor do? 

We mentioned earlier that Chiropractors deal with the most common causes of back pain, neck pain and headaches (mechanical and some nerve compression spinal problems).

Chiropractors do many things like help correct posture problems, reduce muscle tension, and give advice on correcting posture, spinal exercises and general exercise. However, the main focus of Chiropractors is finding and correcting spinal misalignments (subluxations), because we find that spinal misalignments are the underlying cause of most spinal problems and also have adverse effects on your nervous system.

Here’s what you need to know about spinal misalignments (subluxations):

  • They are caused by bad posture, repetitive strains and by trauma (injuries)…
  • They start with a strain of the joint ligaments (and or disc), which irritates (imbalances) the spinal nerves, which in turn triggers muscle spasm and pain sensitivity, which then causes more joint strain, which further irritates the nerves and causes more muscle tension and so on and so on, this negative cycle continues…

Here’s a picture of this:

  • Spinal misalignments tend to get a little worse over time which is why most neck and back pain is chronic, and as more strain occurs, it leads to an increased rate of spinal degeneration (arthritis)…
  • The nerve irritation also increases the pain sensitivity of the area, which is why the spinal misalignments are usually tender when we touch them, and part of the reason your back (or neck) gets sore.
  • The nerve irritation also upsets the balance in the nerve messages, which may adversely affect the health and function of other parts of your body – this will be covered in more detail in a later blog.    

 Here’s what it “looks” like to us (Chiropractors):
Chiropractor view

When we check your spine we find these spinal misalignments (red dot areas), they stand out as little areas of spasm, they’re tender too, and if you’ve had your spine checked by us you know what I mean!

What do we do?
We help correct them, we do what we call an adjustment, which means we move the spinal bone back towards its correct position so the strain comes off the joint, which reduces the nerve irritation and the muscle spasm decreases. So it can now settle down and heal up a bit, each time we do this you get a bit better.

Ideally, we try and keep people as free from these spinal misalignments as possible.

Make sense? What we do, as Chiropractors, is pretty straight forward when you understand it.

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