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Chiropractors serving Burwood

Over the past 25 plus years, Dr Martin Keegan DC & Dr Nicole Keegan DC of Whitehorse Family Chiropractic have been helping the people of Burwood and surrounding areas to get fast, effective relief form neck pain, back pain and headaches and more.... 

They have a NEW PATIENT SPECIAL OFFER for the people of Burwood area to easily find out if they can help you. 

Chiropractors serving Burwood for over 25 years

We have a NEW PATIENT SPECIAL OFFER which includes a Chiropractic Initial Assessment and First Treatment for only $40 (normal value $90), with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee (if we can’t help you, there is no charge and we will refer you to someone who can)…specifically created to help people get fast, effective relief with safe, gentle Chiropractic care.

During this comprehensive Chiropractic consultation, you’ll receive:

👉 A thorough history to understand your problem and how it’s affecting you

👉 A thorough assessment of your spine and problem areas

👉 Posture and range of motion exams

👉 Neurological and Orthopaedic testing

👉 Your first Chiropractic treatment…


For more information and to book in, click the button below

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