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Meet Our Chiropractors

Both Dr Martin Keegan DC, and Dr Nicole Keegan DC graduated in 1995 from RMIT in Melbourne, and both have double degrees in a Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science) and Bachelor of Chiropractic Science.

Our Chiropractors are fully vaccinated for COVID 19, and our office follows COVID safe principles.

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Dr. Martin Keegan. DC

Growing up in Melbourne’s east Martin and his family were frequent visitors to local Chiropractors, so it was no surprise when Martin chose to become a Chiropractor. 

“People often ask me if I like being a Chiropractor – the truth is I love it! I like the people (patients), I like the work (interesting and challenging) but most of all I like being a Chiropractor because it works so well. Over the past 25+ years in Box Hill, we’ve had literally thousands of people come in to see us with all sorts of severe problems or chronic problems they’ve suffered from for years. It’s very rewarding to be able to help people so quickly and effectively, to help them feel significantly better and get back enjoying life.


When Martin is not at work, he enjoys surfing and snowboarding, is often seen cheering on his beloved Collingwood Magpies at the MCG, searching for his lost golf balls at a local course, and more recently, learning Spanish and guitar.

Dr. Nicole Keegan. DC

Nicole established her first Chiropractic practice in Ringwood in 1995, winner of a Small Business Victoria award, and 3 years later began practicing with Martin in Box Hill establishing Whitehorse Family Chiropractic.

 Being established in Box Hill so long gives you a great sense of looking after a community. Nicole grew up in Whitehorse, went to school in Vermont. She always wanted to create a Chiropractic practice that this area could look to for exceptional Chiropractic care. “We have helped so many people in this area, people of all ages”. “One family I have in my office has 4 generations, and I’m pleased to say I’ve cared for them all. Through babies, and pregnancies, kids sports and 


calisthenics’ back flips, injuries lifting at work and golf, right up to the ageing grandparents. It’s the most rewarding part of practice being able to help families through whatever they need through their lifetime.”

Nicole also focuses time to speaking to the community to educate the public on Chiropractic, how effective and gentle chiropractic can be, and how much it can help.

“Too often people wish they could turn back the clock, or don’t know where to go to get help, and chiropractic is so often the answer. Every day we help people feel great who didn’t know what to do. I wish everyone knew ‘Chiropractic works!’”.

 “Chiropractic is not like the old days when people were a bit afraid to try it. These days we have gentler techniques, we use the same techniques on babies as we do on adults. It’s a big compliment that families will drive an hour and a half to see you for the quality of care you provide.”

When Dr Keegan is not busy helping people with their health needs, you will find her at Netball. Previously coaching for Netball Victoria, the Victorian 17/U State Team, and Boroondara Genesis’s VNL Championship Team, keeps her on the go! But there’s still time to enjoy building Lego with son Max, and some fun at cardio tennis with friends.

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