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New Patient Special Offer to find out if we can help YOU!

Over the past 25+ years of helping thousands of people, we've found many people are often unsure of where to go to and who to see for help, and are understandably, concerned about spending their time and money on treatments that won't help them, maybe you've had these thoughts too.


To help you, we have created an amazing new patient consultation:

A Chiropractic Initial Assessment and First Treatment for only $40 (normal value $90), with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee…

  • Initial Assessment and Treatment $40 (normal value $90).

    30 min

    40 Australian dollars

During this comprehensive Chiropractic consultation, you’ll receive:

👉 First, we'll take the time to fully understand your problem and how it’s affecting you

👉 Perform a thorough assessment of your spine and problem areas

👉 Posture and range of motion exams

👉 Neurological and Orthopaedic testing

👉 Spinal X-rays (bulk billed) if required


We will identify the cause(s) of your problem(s) and, if we can’t help you, there is NO CHARGE, and we will refer you to someone who can.


If we can help you, we’ll explain your treatment options and then perform the first treatment which usually includes:

✅Gentle spinal adjustments

✅Chiropractic massage to tight muscles

✅Self-help advice (posture & exercises)

✅And anything else that will benefit you


Our goal is to help you get the best possible results, as fast as possible, and for your improvement to be as long lasting as possible.


The first visit is covered by a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not completely happy with the assessment and treatment you don’t pay.


There are a limited number of these appointments available, they do book out, book yours NOW by clicking the link above. Payment is made at the time of consultation. (If you can't find a time that suits you, then call us for more available times)

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