Frequently asked questions

What are benefits of Chiropractic?

At its most basic level Chiropractic is one of the fastest, most effective, cost effective, safest, longest lasting treatments for most back pain, neck pain, headaches and more… and has some of the highest patient satisfaction levels. Chiropractic is the third largest healthcare profession in the world. At a deeper level Chiropractic, by improving spinal health and function, improves the health and function of your nervous system which in turn promotes better health, performance, and wellbeing throughout your entire body. It is this aspect of Chiropractic that provides benefits to people of all ages, from newborn babies and children to pregnant mothers, adults, and seniors.In short Chiropractic is safe, gentle, and good for you, very good for you.

Why we have a FREE Initial Consultation

In over 25+ years of helping people, one of the most common things we hear, after “I feel so much better now”, is “I wish I had found you sooner, and done this years ago!” What stopped them was usually the guesswork… Should I go to a Chiropractor or someone else? Will I like this Chiropractor? Will Chiropractic help my problem? I don’t know what’s causing my pain? Or, often they may have tried something else, and don’t want to risk spending more money or time on an initial consultation if it may not help. To help you, we have a FREE Initial Consultation to give you the opportunity to find all this out before you choose what’s right for you. Benefits of your FREE initial consultation: - A thorough assessment to find out what’s causing your problem. - Find out the best treatment for your problem. - Find out if chiropractic care can help you, and if so, what’s involved with any treatment. - And if we can’t help, we’ll refer you to someone who can. - There’s no cost and no obligation.

The scientific research supporting Chiropractic care

Over the past 30 years, the treatment of neck and back pain has become one of the most researched areas of health care. The governments of at least 7 countries have performed systematic reviews into the effectiveness of all back and neck pain treatments. Systematic reviews are the highest level of scientific investigation into health care treatments, it involves panels of experts, from all fields, carefully reviewing all the published scientific research into to all the treatments of particular health problems. Every time these systematic reviews have been done, Chiropractic care rates as one of, if not the most, effective, cost effective, safest, longest lasting, scientifically supported treatments available for the treatment of neck and back pain. So, yes, in short, Chiropractic care is highly supported by the best scientific evidence available today. With Chiropractic, you’re in good hands.

How many treatments will it take to help me?

Good question. It usually depends on two things, firstly, the severity of your spinal problems, and secondly how physically stressful your daily activities are on your spine. For some people, with recent, mild/moderate problems, they can get better fast, like in 1 or 2 visits fast. For people with more severe and long standing problems it can, understandably, take longer. We do our best to give you an accurate estimate of the number of visits we expect it may take to help you, additionally, we do everything we can to help you get better as fast as possible, as well as show you all the things you can do yourself to not only get better faster, but also to stay better for longer. One thing that you can be sure of with us, is that you’re never locked into anything, how long you come in for is always up to you.