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Chiropractic and Medicare EPC

Chiropractic and Medicare EPC

Under Medicare there is a program named Enhanced Primary Care (EPC). It is co-ordinated by your Medical doctor and makes it possible for people with chronic conditions and complex care needs to receive a Medicare rebate (refund) for up to five (5) Chiropractic visits per calendar year.

Chronic conditions are defined as conditions which have been, or are likely to be, present for six (6) months or more. Complex care needs means that, in your GP’s opinion, you would benefit from care provided by a range of health professionals, who provide different services.

Your medical doctor will determine if you are eligible for the EPC program, and if so, can allocate up to 5 Chiropractic visits with us. All you need to do is ask your doctor if you qualify, give your doctor our details and your doctor will give you an EPC referral form that you bring into us, it’s very simple.

We also provide Chiropractic care for people under Workcover, DVA (Veteran's Affairs) and Motor vehicle accident (TAC) programs.

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