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  • Dr Martin Keegan DC

The scientific research supporting Chiropractic care

Over the past 30 years, the treatment of neck and back pain has become one of the most researched areas of health care. The governments of at least 7 countries have performed systematic reviews into the effectiveness of all back and neck pain treatments. Systematic reviews are the highest level of scientific investigation into health care treatments, it involves panels of experts, from all fields, carefully reviewing all the published scientific research into to all the treatments of particular health problems. Every time these systematic reviews have been done, Chiropractic care rates as one of, if not the most, effective, cost effective, safest, longest lasting, scientifically supported treatments available for the treatment of neck and back pain. So, yes, in short, Chiropractic care is highly supported by the best scientific evidence available today. With Chiropractic, you’re in good hands.


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